The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

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At this point, Yin Zhen had completely lost control of himself. With his hands open, he staggered a few steps like a madman and made a hoarse wolf howl. He seemed to be crying and laughing again. He climbed under the persimmon tree, alternately clinging to his hands and shouting: "Xiao Lu, Xiao Lu.." My benefactor, my.. You come out, you don't stay here. You come to life-whoo.. Ho ho.. I'll build a temple for you. Dog and Kan were shocked by his story at first, and then by his crazy behavior. They stood like wood all the time. At this time, Fang came to his senses and burst into tears when he saw that he was so hurt. For a long time, Yin Zhen controlled himself, slowly bent up, kowtowed to the persimmon tree, and said to the two tearful children, "Get up, children!"! The dead cannot be brought back to life. Xiao Lu has become a God in the silent world, and we still have to live in the world. Let's go Let's go It's getting dark. The dog and the ridge kowtowed three times to the tree, got up silently, and suddenly seemed to be ten years older, leading the horse and the mule to the town of He Li in the dark night. Heli Town is the largest town in the east of Gaojiayan. After the Yellow River burst, it spread eastward, and there was no main channel in the lower reaches. This is the only place where Jin Fu and Chen Tuan, who were able to harness the river in those years, deliberately planned to build a convex dam, all of which were built with solid stones. The water surge was knocked back in front of the high dam, saving hundreds of thousands of hectares of fertile land on the west side of the south bank. However,interactive whiteboard prices, after the flood, it was unavoidable for the hungry people to riot. In addition, the disaster and epidemic were rampant. The more intelligent businessmen and rich families had already fled to Suzhou and Hangzhou with their money and money. At that time, it was called "avoiding the noise", but it meant avoiding the disaster. In addition, the north-south flood and drought roads are impassable, so although there are many households, they are very desolate. When the three of them arrived at the edge of the village, it was already the beginning of Xu,digital signage screen, and it was dark. The huge town was lifeless, every house was closed, even the lights were very few in the dark, and only the occasional barking of a dog in the distance gave people a little smell of fireworks. Yin Zhen wept bitterly, and his mind seemed to be much calmer, so he went to look for a lodging because of his fate. Kaner knocked on several doors, but someone inside agreed. But as soon as he heard that it was a stranger passing by, he immediately replied that there was an inn on the levee. If I come back, I won't make a sound. Kaner came back and said with a smile, "Ten miles of different winds, a hundred miles of different customs.". It's so ***ing weird. Just open the door and say a few words. You're a person! "That's not to scare the kidnappers." "You set their building on fire," said the dog, "and see if he can get out." "If you have a shop," said Yin Zhenyin, "why bother them? Let's go to the hotel. He sighed with emotion in his heart: When he listened to the confessions of foreign officials in Beijing, they were all "prosperous in the Xi Dynasty, clear in the river and peaceful in the sea, not closed at home, face recognition identification kiosk ,touch screen kiosk, and not picked up lost things on the road." It was only when he was personally on the scene that he realized that they were all nonsense and exquisite flattery. With a sigh, the three of them went to the southwest, where they saw a flashing light on the high embankment outside the town. When they looked closer by the light, they saw the four words "leaning on the river and facing the wind" written in black on the black paint above the big car door. At that moment, the three of them were unpacking at the door. A Pockmarked waiter came out with a lamp and a smile. He helped unload the mule and shouted, "Laobai Laohou!"! The God of Wealth is coming-help to unload the head quickly! Ask the old shopkeeper Ma to pick up the guests! At that moment, he saw two men coming out, one tall and one short, both about forty years old, smiling and helping to lead the animals and carry the luggage. The shopkeeper Ma led the way with a bunch of keys and kept saying, "Amitabha!"! The shop has been empty for more than half a month, and today there are five guests! Man, what a favor! "Five?" As the dog walked along, he looked around and asked, "The front wing is already occupied.". Sir, shall we live in the room? Boss Ma hurriedly said, "The upper room is dark and bright. It's just right for the three of you to be placed. It's good to take care of them.." Seeing that Kan'er bowed his head and said nothing, Kan'er opened the lock and looked around like a monkey. Then he said, "The two filial piety and honesty men who live in the east wing didn't arrive until later in the day.". Sir, please feel at ease to rest for a while and get some wine later, which is a little filial piety. It's just that there's business today, but there's no meat. It's a little thin. Don't care about it.
” As he spoke, two guests from the east wing also came out. One was wearing an azure silk jacket with a long face, and the other was wearing a blue bamboo cloth shirt that had been washed and faded, but his eyebrows and eyes were trimmed, and he was very elegant and handsome. The two of them also crossed the old Yellow River. When they first arrived at the shop, they could not help smiling when they saw that Yin Zhen was also bookish. Yin Zhen bowed with a bow and said, "Are you two going to the north?" "Yes, his name is Li Wan and my name is Tian Wenjing." Rong Changshan said with a smile, "There are very few people staying in hotels along the way, and there are very few literary friends among the guests, so it's predestined.". "Your name is Taifu. Did you also go to Shuntianfu for a test?" Li Jue, however, seemed a little reserved and smiled at Yin Zhen as a courtesy. Yin Zhen had been lonely for many days. When he first entered a densely populated place, he was willing to chat with people. "I'm going to Peiping, too," he answered vaguely. That's it. Meeting is predestined. Let's have a drink and chat later, OK? "We have a wolf and meat to eat," the dog said excitedly. "It's our treat." After settling down for a while, the dog peeled the wolf in the courtyard, set up a three-pronged iron frame, burned the wolf meat until it made a "silk" sound, and kept wiping it with sauce, salt, ginger and garlic. The meat was fragrant all over the courtyard. Kan'er and Lu Lu set up their luggage in the upper berth and placed the table in the hall. They went to the kitchen to have a look. They saw two copper pots filled with wine, which were burning hot on the fire. They wandered all over the yard and went to the dog's side and said, "I don't know where the East Toilet is."? It's dark and scary. You go with me to look for it. Seeing Boss Ma coming over, he said, "The meat is ready. You just eat it first.". After a while, the wine was hot for both of us. The boss went away with a smile. Kan'er followed the dog to wipe a corner of the wall, but saw that the toilet was in the west corner of the south wall. Outside the wall was the roaring Yellow River. When the river wind blew, Kan'er couldn't help shivering. The dog laughed and said, "It's almost March. Are you still cold?" "Dog!" "The rest of the soy sauce and salt will be sent to the kitchen later," Kaner said, suppressing his voice as he urinated. You find a way to change the two big copper pots for wine. "What's the idea?" Laughed the dog. Kan'er tied his pants and said,thermal imaging camera, "If I tell you to change, just change!"! Look at the color. Damn it, I'm living in a black shop tonight! The information is collected on the Internet and the copyright belongs to the original author. hsdtouch.com