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Huo Xian was sincerely happy for her. He shook her hand gently and said, "Congratulations, girl." Congratulations? There is nothing to congratulate! If it was Qingru who received this great love today, everyone in Xie Fu would know it in the blink of an eye. Qingyuan is not, because her mother met a bad reason, she does not believe that there is such a gratuitous love in the world. The word "love" is so easy to say, but when you open your mouth slightly, the sound you make is like a sigh, without cause and effect, it has no weight. She had only met this Hou Childe twice, and when Qingru and Mrs. Hu were determined to win him, she instinctively joined in the fun. In fact, when it comes to the root, and Mrs. Hu's mother and daughter as an enemy is her ultimate goal, as for Li Congxin, if the experience in love is not so sophisticated, it is also an object to rely on. However, talk about marriage, in the end is not enough, he rushed out so recklessly, perhaps a moment of injustice, a moment of pique. The more you can't get, the more you miss him. With his identity, he must be popular everywhere among women before. Now that he can't get it, he has a lot of obsessions. Qingyuan sees it very thoroughly. If he is willing to identify Qing Qing, it will only hurt his muscles and bones once. As long as he is determined to do it in two years,outdoor digital signage displays, it will be done. But what happens after it's done? Not to mention whether two people can live together in peace, it's not a joke to have a sister-in-law who used to be covetous! For a long time, the miss was sweet. She was not a muddle-headed person, and naturally she would not blindly push herself to the edge of the cliff because of his words. Li Congxin was a little anxious. Seeing that she didn't look back or answer, he called his sister again through the leaking window. "I've been thinking about it for several days. I didn't say this to you on impulse." Qingyuan's feet gradually slowed down, and when he finally stood still, he turned around and said with a smile, "I can't make my own decisions about my marriage. You shouldn't have said that to me.". It's all right for you to make a joke, but it's harmful to Qingyuan. Please respect yourself. She finished, then no longer stay,Interactive digital signage, with the string through the moon cave door, to the direction of the private school. Li Congxin stood in front of the leaky window, feeling a little disappointed for a moment. Behind him, Zheng Lun patted him on the shoulder and raised his chin to point to the direction of Qingyuan's departure. "Brother Chun, have you decided to propose marriage to my fourth sister?" Li Congxin turned around and had a kind of firmness like eating a weight. "Men should get married when they grow up, and women should get married when they grow up. At this time, when they meet the right one, they settle down. Is it wrong?" Zheng Lun was a little confused about his thoughts, and habitually twirled his thin beard, tilted his head, and looked at him like a stranger. If we say that the present rich childe, especially this kind of Duke mansion in charge of the future family treasure, which has not experienced a few women? Generally, at the age of sixteen, even if you don't want it, your mother will also arrange people in the room. As a man, this is a skill that must be learned. Not to mention that it is as important as reading and practicing calligraphy, at least it is the most important lesson that needs to be studied after reading and practicing calligraphy. As for this little Marquis, digital signage kiosk ,facial recognization camera, he had the advantage of birth, and he was in his element in the circle of noble women in Shengzhou, which made many ladies of famous families cry for him. His tact was that he never took the initiative to provoke anyone, nor did he promise anyone, and the girls could not say that they were ugly in the end, who let them be wishful thinking. Li Congxin leaves do not touch the body, he is still a clean playboy, the only mistake is that he looks too complete, too likable. Zheng Lun shook his head and sighed, "Are you determined to propose marriage to Qingyuan because you have been frustrated in front of her?" He also thought about it seriously. There was such a reason, but more importantly, it was out of simple love. I saw her for the first time that day at the spring party. Zhenglun, feel your conscience and say to me, is there a more beautiful girl than her on the boundary of Hengtang? In fact, he did not need to answer, and he sighed with emotion, "or can not say the most beautiful, anyway is the most let me remember.". That day's Cuqiu like a long eye, did not hit others, partial hit her, this is how fate! I, Cheng Zi, often think of her, and it's a little ridiculous to talk about her in detail. Instead of worrying about her, wouldn't it be better to welcome her into the door? As a man, Zheng Lun can understand his mood very well.
Of course, it's good for lovers to get married, but the gap between them is too wide and too deep, and I'm afraid it's generally difficult to cross. Do you know the origin of my fourth sister? Zheng Lun came straight to the point and said, "Her mother poisoned Aunt Xia and was driven out of the mansion. With her having such a mother, your Hou Mansion can't tolerate her.". I advise you to rest your heart. There's no need to have a quarrel with your family for this. But Mr. Hou's eyes were firm and he said with a smile, "Everything depends on human effort. There will always be a way." The Hsieh brothers had known him since he was a child, and they knew that the Marquis of Danyang had only this single seedling, which had been raised like a living dragon to this day, and had always wanted the stars and dared not give them to the moon. If he was lucky, he might have a say in the marriage, but because of the importance of the matter, he did not dare to guarantee it. However, with Li Congxin's temper, it is necessary to do what he has made up his mind, which is very reliable. After going back, he also consulted with his mother. I don't know how the final talk went. Anyway, the observation made his wife come to the house to talk to the old lady a day later. Because Mrs. Hu had entrusted her earlier, as soon as she heard that Mrs. Tao had arrived, she knew that she was coming with some news. She waited in her yard, waiting for the old lady to send someone to ask her to come over. Qingru was a good-for-nothing, restless, and kept circling around in front of her eyes. She looked away, propped herself up on her forehead, and said, "What are you doing walking around like a headless fly?"! It's your marriage. You can't run away from the sky. What's your hurry? Only then did Qingru sit down shyly, rubbing the veil and retorting in a low voice: "I'm in a hurry sooner or later." If I am in a hurry, isn't my mother in a hurry? It's no use being anxious. This kind of thing can be done in a hurry. There are no crazy men and women in the world. Mrs. Hu frowned, put down the account book in her hand, and looked out of the window. In the courtyard, two women walked through with baskets, and the maid on the porch stood with her head hanging down. The spring day was quiet, and time seemed to freeze. After all,temperature scanning kiosks, Mrs. Hu could not hold her breath. After waiting for a long time, there was no movement at all. She was afraid that there was a knot in her heart. She called out to Cai Lian, "Go up to the Huifang Garden and see what your wife has said to the old lady." 。 hsdtouch.com